About Us

C.A.S.A. is an exciting leadership and soccer academy that recruits inner city boys and girls, ages four (4) to eighteen (18), into competitive or recreational soccer teams and pairs them with coaches who serve as role models and mentors during all related training and activities.

The concept is very simple: Kids like to play. We use this code to promote healthy habits and instill good values in our children from a young age. Then we include the whole family to enhance this experience.

C.A.S.A.’s mission is centered on:

  • Providing youth with an improved quality of life via a safe environment they can call “HOME”.
  • Investing in youth’s personal development in order to inspire skillful and compassionate future leaders of our communities.
  • Strengthening family connections by integrating components into our programs that bridge parental involvement with youth activities.

While our kids play, parents are provided with opportunities to understand the impact sports can play in their child’s life. This includes efforts related to teaching best practices about fitness, mental health, nutrition and educational advancement.

We provide affordable entertainment and educational opportunities for the whole family. Finally, we involve local media and businesses to celebrate local success and emphasize the positive traits of our activities, with customized material for disbursement that is relevant to the local entities. We bring the sports and entertainment industry to the local event, stimulating local economies.

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