Code Of Conduct

The following describes the rules & regulations (Code of Conduct) to be observed by EVERY C.A.S.A. participant:

  • Each and every participant must own a valid ID and birth certificate.
  • All soccer participants and their families must have the ability to discipline their habits and activities, focus on sportsmanship and maintain self-control at all times. The primary objective in every player’s life is to maintain personal health and positive relationships, and this includes personal hygiene and consistent performance.
  • The most important factor in the lives of our young players is instilling them the idea that they must EARN THE RIGHT to play and engage their athletics with their education effectively. Everyone contributes to a whole team, with the emphasis of support, trust and social conscience.
  • The Team Traits, including those for all staff, traveling family members and coaches, includes the above criteria and is defined by but not limited to additional elements:
  • Diligence and Responsibility. All coaches must be on time for every meet and must build and maintain working athletic and professional relationships with all affiliates and the Teams.
  • Respectful and Courteous Behavior. It is all about having fun! Everyone must be treated equally and with a level of respect that complement the positive outreach of C.A.S.A.
  • Honesty and Integrity. As a youth participant, coach, staff or volunteer, anyone affiliated with C.A.S.A. is a representative of the organization and must uphold its reputation responsibly in the community.
  • Each and every coach must have the ability to be a positive role model for the players – everywhere and at all times. In order to be protective and to provide a safe and secure environment for the children, a coach must also adhere to a thorough Background Check.
  • Players must be good teammates, but also excellent students in their own personal Academics.
  • C.A.S.A. works closely to maintain this consistency with Coaches. In addition, a coach must be willing to learn all rules, changes, and logistics of C.A.S.A. and to the team dynamics. A coach must therefore be a Good Citizen with a drive to improve each day and bring enthusiasm to the team at all times.
  • C.A.S.A. exists for the healthy development of our youth. No abuse of any kind will ever be tolerated. Full disciplinary and/or legal penalty will be enforced.
  • C.A.S.A. will never discriminate against any individual.

All C.A.S.A. members shall abide by the Constitution and the Bylaws of Colorado Youth Soccer, the United States Youth Soccer, and the United States Soccer Federation Rules and Procedures as set forth by the Board of Directors.

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