Our methodology is based on a very simple code: “kids like to play.” We use this code to teach the values and life skills mentioned in our About Us section, and strive to include the whole family in our physical activity and recreation programs.

The cornerstone of our organization, however, relies heavily on delivering our mission through a network of strong, powerful mentors and volunteers. It is imperative to have passionate coaches and volunteers who uphold our values in their personal lives and transmit them passionately and enthusiastically to the youth and families we serve. We have a standing joke at C.A.S.A. In order to be accepted as a volunteer, you have to pass a “smile test”. Meaning, we want to work with good, friendly, and most importantly, compassionate people who will help us create a unique atmosphere where kids and their families feel welcomed, safe and at home. Ultimately, this is “magic” we continuosly strive to create!

In many cases, our volunteers come from similar backgrounds as our kids and, thus, can relate their own life experiences. Through these personal experiences they are able to teach our kids the value of sports and what a powerful motivator for success sports can be. We strive to instill that monetary reward is not the end goal. Coaches often contribute funds from their own pockets in order to fulfill the needs of their teams. This level of commitment and dedication is what makes the difference. When kids feel that they are truely cared for, they respond well. We’ve come to realize that when people act out of passion and not from economic reward, the end result is more intense and effective.

The other important component of our philosophy is that “everybody is welcomed to participate.” No one will ever be rejected or excluded from participating (unless, of course, it is due to disciplinary action). In fact, we chose the acronym C.A.S.A. because in Spanish “Casa” means “home” and that is precisely what we intend to achieve: a place where everybody is welcomed and feels like home.

Because we are helping kids from a variety of different backgrounds and circumstances, we expect our volunteers to go the extra mile and always set a good example. It is important to establish a relationship built on trust, and the mixture of education and fun will follow! We believe that the secret to successful coaches and volunteers is kind, passionate hearts. We know that with enough passion anyone struggling with skills can grow and develop. It’s much harder to teach compassion.

The delivery of our philosophy is divided into ten sub-divisions:

  1. Kids competitive soccer
  2. Kids recreational soccer
  3. Academic development
  4. Student athletes
  5. Adult recreational soccer
  6. Adult competitive soccer
  7. Family education
  8. Family recreation
  9. Community sharing and fundraisings
  10. Mentoring and community involvement

All of our kids’ activities include values and character monitoring. This monitoring has a direct relationship to the ability to participate. Simply put, if anyone isn’t upholding our core values, their ability to play is affected. This teaches kids lessons in accountability and consequence.

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